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Setting goals

Every goal starts with a single dream. Every achievement starts with a plan.

That being said, let’s not leave things to chance. Your dreams belong to you, it’s no coincidence they live in your mind and if they do it’s because you can bring them to life.

Here’s my how to:

  1. Decide which ones apply to long term (6months or more) and which ones apply to short term (6months or less).

  2. Divide them into separate parts: Career, emotional, spiritual, health, personal, financial,etc. All the areas in your life to which you want to bring attention.

  3. Organize them in order or priority: which ones are time sensitive?

  4. Be realistic: girl… you cannot be president of the US in 6 months and you can’t change your lifestyle in two weeks.

  5. Organize yourself and decide what are the following steps to accomplish them.

  6. Plan to do 1-3 things daily that takes you one step closer to your goal. Is it reading 5 pages? Is it meal prepping? Is it making a phone call or sending an email?

  7. Celebrate small victories! Reward yourself with compliments, *self pats in the back* lol… If it's weight related please don’t just go gorge on food, rather wear those jeans that didn’t fit, buy a new outfit, etc.

  8. Keep track every now and then and be honest with yourself, because if you’re not… who will be?

  9. Be kind to yourself, it’s normal to feel that the needle isn’t moving fast enough at times. Remember you go at your own pace. Don’t compare your journey to others.

Hope you guys enjoyed my tips to goal setting, let me know what other things you want to see on the blog.

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