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When life starts asking for you to level up don't succumb into fear, even tho it's very normal to do so in the beginning. I think almost everyone fears what they don't know... but it's up to you to not let yourself stop there. I read something that Steve Harvey said: "if you're going through hell why would stop there" WHY WOULD YOU?

Don't let yourself be paralyzed by fear which at the end of the day is a product of the stories our egos tell us. Most things that we're afraid of most likely will never happen. Jump into your fears and confront them. Watch how they loose power over you. They say fear is just a four letter word:

F alse

E vidence

A ppearing

R eal

Don't let it fool you! The only power they have is the one you give it and you can either:

F ace

E everything

A nd

R ise


F orget

E verything

A nd

R un

You choose. One of the will come bite you back someday... you can choose the easy way out or the one that asks you to level up. Every stage of your life will ask for a different version of you. Life will present you with the same patterns and scenarios until you either confront them and/or heal them or learn your lesson. I wish there was an easier way out or that those feelings of being scared weren't as intense. But I promise you there are so many big and beautiful things waiting for you at the other side of fear. Living in fear is no way to live. You have so much potential and you can't unlock it when you block it with all that fear/ low vibe energy.

You're reading this for a reason.

All my love,


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