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Facing fears

Remember that time when you wanted to jump into the pool and it was terrifying? Or when you started learning how to ride a bike and you were scared to let go of the training wheels? Perhaps when you were a baby and went from crawling to standing on your own two feet? Lol, of course you don’t recall that last one because you were a baby, living in the moment… your mind was in another place before you were “conditioned” as they say. But whatever that’s a totally different conversation.

F.E.A.R. we’re all familiar with it. It’s a part of being human… there’s different types of fear, the one that protects you and the other that holds you back.

Survival = you shouldn’t jump off that cliff you know, or cross the street without looking… but you already know this.

Ego based fear = “what will they think of me”, “what if”, “i’m not good enough”... but you know that too because in some shape of form we’ve all been through this.

There are some ways you can let go of your fears

1- Confront them, once you do they can no longer control you.

2- Imagine yourself going through that fear of yours and imagine the best scenario that could possibly happen. Why waste time thinking about the things that could go wrong? They very well could but you don’t have to bring that into your vibration because it doesn’t do you any good.

3- Try to look inward and see where that fear comes from, is it a trauma? What happened and how did you feel? Maybe making peace with this is a good idea and can help you release.

Ask yourself this; when was the last time you faced a fear? Learn to see it as a muscle that you have to keep working on. It’s definitely normal for it to feel uncomfortable, but that’s the whole point. Our goal with facing our fears is to feel empowered and tackle all aspects of life feeling yourself as the powerful being you are.

Do you know any other ways of dealing with fear?

Comment below!

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