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Your best life today

Why not let the best day of your life be today?

We all know it, we’re familiar with it. C’mon this is not the first time you hear it “live in the moment”, sometimes it’s like there’s someone screaming it in your ear… especially if you’re trying to be more conscious and aware. But it can be so overwhelming when you don’t know how to start. This is why you’re here… nothing happens by chance you’re looking to better your life and this is it. Catch up on the little signs the universe is giving you! These are a few of the things I do to make myself more aware of what's happening around me.

1- Count your blessings for the day.

(Try for these to be different everyday, not because you’re not grateful for them any longer but to train your mind to see the greater good in everything.)

2- Listen to your favorite song.

(Sing or dance to it, I mean really get into it… they say this makes us release a hormone called dopamine which is responsible for making us feel happy.)

3- Call a loved one.

(This is self explanatory, what better way to ground yourself than with people whom you love).

4- Go move, workout.

(Can’t workout if you’re not looking and paying attention to what you’re doing)

5- Read a book.

(or a magazine if it’s not your cup of tea… but I would prefer a book)

6- Meditate

(This can be a whole other post because there are so many different ways on how to meditate and it’s all according to what you’re in search of).

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