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Moments where you don’t know in what direction to move

Moments where you don’t know in what direction to move

We’ve all been there. We’ve felt stagnant with our progress with ourselves, our relationships, our work, etc. No matter where you’re feeling stuck, know that it will end and know it is not forever. Also, know that there is power in stillness. Take this time to really observe and try to figure out what you want and what you feel.

How to move slowly through indecision:

  1. Try to imagine every single outcome.

  2. I mean… really paint this picture for yourself. Imagine every single detail (people, situations, conversations, etc) and weight in all the possible options and all the possible outcomes.

  3. Visualize yourself going through all of them and ask yourself where/how do you feel better.

  4. Try to be unapologetically honest with yourself, this is only you and you right here. This decision will only benefit or prejudice you.

  5. Journal if you must, meditate, exercise and give the idea time to simmer inside of you. Sit with it for a while.

  6. You’re a smart girl (or boy) you know what to do.

A “good” or “bad” decision is only based on how it makes you feel. There is only what feels right for you so be mindful of this when asking for advice or sharing your process with others. The answers have always been inside us… we just rarely shut the noise and sit down to listen. If it brings you any comfort I read a Deepak Chopra book that stated that life is not a straight line and it molds to every decision we make. Lamenting or feeling bad about the ones we made is losing precious time and the chances of making the same mistake if we don’t choose to let it go and learn from it.

Hope this serves you well,

Love you!

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