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When you feel bloated

We’ve all been there… about that time of the month, after a food coma, after an allergy reaction to a certain food, the full moon (lol). Who knows? There’s so many reasons why this happens…

If you’re having trouble with bloating… I have good news for you. I know how to make it better, I'm gonna share with you what all of my years and pageantry and getting “stage ready” taught me.

First I'm sharing with you what to my knowledge causes the bloating and the reason why.

  1. PMS: if you’re a girl, this is probably one of your side effects when you’re around that time of the month. Let me break it to you… yes there are some specimens of a woman that don’t get bloated on their periods. That’s not me or you because this is why I'm writing this and it’s why you felt intrigued by the title. Lol. Gotcha! I’m gonna give you a little science so you follow me a little better. Our hormones are constantly fluctuating and our progesterone/ estrogen levels are fluctuating. Specifically progesterone levels drop significantly so the body resorts to holding onto water and salt.

  2. Food Coma: Do you need an explanation? Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full. Got it? Good. I know, it’s hard.

  3. Food allergy: Did you know I'm kind of allergic to broccoli and cauliflower? I’ll get the biggest bloated belly… can you imagine how much time it took me to discover that even though my taste buds do my body hates these veggies.

    1. Most common food allergies:

      1. Lactose: dairy products, cheese, milk…

      2. Nuts: peanuts

      3. Veggies: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower.

      4. Sugary drinks: self explanatory.

      5. Bad sodium: canned foods, table salt, food preservatives.

  4. Full moon: Well this is a theory ok, our bodies are made 70% water so when sea levels rise ours too. Because we're made of stardust, ya feel.

  5. WORKOUTS! YES! I KNOW! WTF! Well, let me break the science to you. Strenuous exercises like: weight lifting, sprints, running, hiit, etc. Break little muscle fibers to then when they bend back together come back bigger and stronger. But during this time there’s lactic acid involved so it hurts!


  • On that day, if it makes it feel better i’ll fast as long as I can. I will only drink water, coffee (black if possible) and teas… when I do eat I try keeping it very light (maybe an omelette or so).

  • Intermittent fasting as a lifestyle.

  • Water with lemon.

  • Running or light cardio.

  • Sweating through a workout or a sauna session.

  • Natural diuretics that can be found in foods like asparagus, ginger, spinach, dandelion root, turmeric, etc.

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