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#WhatIKnow: The best tips/tricks for glowing skin

1- Never go to bed with make up.

2- Make sure your skin is hydrated.

3-Use non-comedogenic make up and face products.

4- Make sure to use make up and skincare products according to the weather you're surrounded with.

5- Build a skincare routine that works for YOU! (no matter how many times your favorite beauty blogger tells you coconut oil is good for your skin or that vampire blood facial is the best thing out there *I don't even know, i'm just using it as an example*

6- Your skin will always show what's happening inside your body... if you're stressed, not eating right, etc. Skin will show!

7-Get to know your skin... is your skin oily, combined, dry? Adjust accordingly.

8- If you're dealing with acne, DON'T EXFOLIATE. Acne causes inflammation and sometimes dryness in skin... exfoliating only made it worst for me.

9- STOP picking your face, no matter how entertaining it is. I know.

10- If something is working for you, stick with it! Don't be changing your skin routine every two weeks because a new product came out and it smells better. Products with too much fragrance can cause skin to dry up as well.

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